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Mom Makes a ‘Placenta Smoothie’ After Childbirth

In many cultures, a woman’s placenta is often considered almost sacred and is sometimes consumed  rather than discarded. You’ll often see in countries like China, the practice of cooking a placenta and eating it, which has a long-standing tradition.

However, new mother Kailyn Lowry, known for her appearance on MTV’s “Teen Mom,” has taken the concept of consuming one’s placenta to a new and somewhat disturbing level.

Lowry proudly shared a video on her social media in which she can be seen blending her placenta into a smoothie, which she apparently consumed.

From TMZ:

She wasn’t just going to ingest her own placenta, though … it looks like Kailyn spread it around on paper as well, showing off different art pieces she made with her uterus leftovers.

We’ll say this … the placenta Picassos aren’t half bad — and it looks like she/her fam took precautions handling it, including using gloves and other protective gear. KL writes of the whole experience … “This was the second time I got to work with @lancasterplacentaco.”

That’s a company that offers placenta encapsulation services … apparently, it’s big business.

Of course, all this placenta fun comes on the heels of her announcing that she welcomed another kid — her fifth, a son named Rio. She shares the baby with her BF, Elijah Scott … and Kailyn revealed last week that she gave birth last year, keeping it under wraps.

I understand that consuming one’s placenta is a highly personal choice, but  honestly, it makes me feel queasy.

The thought of simply blending it into a raw smoothie is even more nauseating. At the very least, it would be more palatable if it were cooked in a pan!

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