Ilhan Omar Flees From Reporter When Confronted

Ilhan Omar literally followed in the footsteps of her fellow far-left “Squad” Representative Rashida Tlaib when asked to explain her insane positions on the Israel-Hamas War.

After calling for Israel to engage in a ceasefire with the terrorist-run territory that attacked it, Omar was confronted by Fox’s Hillary Vaughn, who Omar ignored and then instructed her aides to “Ignore this crazy lady, don’t worry about her.”


Last week, Tlaib also refused to answer when asked to denounce Hamas murdering innocent children by Vaughn.

Vaughn asked, as Tlaib headed for the exit; “You can’t comment about Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads? Congresswoman, do you have a comment on Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads? You have nothing to say about Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads? Do you condone what Hamas has done chopping off babies’ heads, burning children alive, raping women in the streets? You have no comment about children’s heads being chopped off? Congresswoman, why do you have the Palestinian flag outside your office if you do not condone what Hamas terrorists have done to Israel? Do Israeli lives not matter to you?”


Days later, Tlaib accused Israel of pushing genocide, and falsely accused Israel of killing hundreds in a hospital bombing that turned out to have been a minor blast caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket. Omar also shared these false claims, and neither have since apologized for spreading misinformation

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