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Meghan Markle is Doing All She Can to Weasel Her Way onto Kevin Costner’s NEW Western

Meghan Markle is undeniably making waves as one of  Hollywood’s most vexing celebutantes to date.

It appears she’s on a relentless quest for fame, with rumors circulating that she’s aiming to secure a spot in Kevin Costner’s upcoming epic Western, “Horizon: An American Saga.”

From RadarOnline:

The couple rubbed shoulders with the Yellowstone sensation weeks ago, having paid a visit to his lavish California estate for a One805 charity fundraiser to honor first responders.

Insiders claimed that in addition to attending events with causes near and dear to their hearts, Meghan has simultaneously been working behind the scenes to angle for a leading role in the second half of the four-movie saga “so she can finally embrace her age-old dream of being a queen of the silver screen.”

“Meghan is using the unbelievable new success of her long-canceled series Suits, which is undergoing a revival on streaming, to convince Kevin she’s the key to his future success — and he’s listening,” teased a source.

The mom of two is “pulling out all the stops” because she believes “it will cement her Hollywood comeback in spectacular fashion,” according to the National Enquirer.

Insiders suggest it will be just the boost she would need after a string of disappointing ventures, including her failed podcast series with Harry.

“It’s the kind of part that could cement her status as a serious actress,” snitched an insider. “Meghan desperately wants a role in Horizon — because it’s scheduled to shoot another two parts after this production wraps.”

Costner is undeniably a Hollywood legend, and in my personal opinion, it would be unwise for him to cast Meghan in a project that holds such significance for him.

Although Meghan did make an appearance on the show “Suits,” it’s crucial to  note that she wasn’t the central figure, leaving us to question her true acting capabilities.

At this juncture, her notoriety largely stems from her contentious relationship with the royal family and her knack for stirring up controversy, rather than a steadfast commitment to her acting prowess.

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