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Democrat Advisor to L.A. Councilman Resigns After Mocking Amy Schumer with Holocaust Jokes

A senior advisor to Los Angeles City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez (D), has resigned after cracking Holocaust-themed jokes about comedian Amy Schumer on social media.

Josh Androsky — who is not only a Democrat but also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America — targeted Amy Schumer for mockery on social media for her pro-Israel, anti-Hamas comments in recent days.

In his X posts, Androsky replied to an anonymous commenter who joked that the comedian was distraught over Hamas’ slaughter of Israelis “due to her experience in the Holocaust,” adding that the Nazis named a concentration camp after her –“Da Cow,” a pun on Dachau.

Androsky replied that “it was actually Cowschwitz,” later adding: “either way, they all (and Amy) smelled the same.”

These remarks elicited condemnation from his employer Soto-Martinez, who is also a DSA member, as well as L.A. Mayor Karen Bass (D).

“The social media posts made by my staffer (earlier) were disturbing and reprehensible. With antisemitism on the rise in recent years, and especially in recent weeks, cracking jokes about the Holocaust isn’t just disgusting, it’s dangerous,” Soto-Martinez said in statement obtained by multiple news outlets.

“These antisemitic and misogynistic posts sickened me, and I have accepted his resignation effective immediately.”

Bass also condemned Androsky’s comments.

“The anti-Semitic and misogynistic comments made today were reprehensible, disgusting, and dangerous and in no way represent the city family,” she said in a separate statement.

“Especially now, City Hall must be a beacon of hope, not hate. I’m glad the staffer responsible has resigned.”

Amy Schumer has burned bridges with her fellow leftists in recent days as she condemned the pro-Hamas demonstrations taking place in major cities and college campuses. She has also called for the resignation of top editors at the New York Times and CNN for spreading Hamas propaganda and blaming Israel as part of the Gaza hospital hoax.

Androsky, in addition to his work in local politics, is a comedian who found slight fame in trolling Donald Trump during his first presidential campaign.



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