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Tucker Warns Americans To Get Ready: ‘Something Bad Is Coming’

If you’ve been keeping even a casual eye on current events, you’d recognize that America seems to be teetering on the edge, largely due to the Biden administration’s actions.

Even Tucker Carlson, who expected challenges, is taken aback by the extent of what’s transpiring.

It’s so bad, that Tucker is now warning Americans to be on guard – something bad is definately coming.

From Western Journal:

Tucker Carlson warned earlier this week he feels America is on the “brink of collapse” as he discussed the country’s immigration and foreign policy stances, spending and social division.

Carlson was addressing a crowd at the Daily Caller News Foundation Gala on Tuesday when he shared some ominous thoughts.

He said when then-candidate Donald Trump sparked calls for the government to work on behalf of the people in early 2016, he expected elected officials to straighten up, at least for a little while.

“The opposite happened. It’s crazy,” he said.

Carlson said the cost of living, the inability of younger Americans to start families and the basic failure of the country to maintain a standard of living should be inspiring politicians to change course.

And as Tucker explains, this isn’t only a “Dem” problem. Plenty of RINO Republicans are to blame as well.

“I mean, if you’ve been to church once in the last year, have you thought about the end times recently? Yes, you have. Because you can feel that abrupt change is coming and that’s very disconcerting,” he added.

Carlson said while  Americans from all backgrounds are worried about the future, no one is advocating to bring them together or to reassure them.

He said that the country is also currently being led by people who are not honest or competent, and that the problem is bipartisan.


It’s disheartening to see Americans struggling, approval ratings dropping, while the political elite seem indifferent. It truly raises the question: how much influence do “we the people” genuinely hold? Because if we wielded the power we believe we do, they’d be deeply concerned about our reactions. This indifference is precisely why Tucker anticipates scary days ahead.




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