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Trump Dominates Biden in 5 Out of 6 Crucial Battleground States

A recent poll has emerged, suggesting that President Joe Biden may face challenges, with former President Donald Trump leading his successor in crucial battleground states.
According to a recent poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, there is evidence of a fracture within Biden’s support base. Dissatisfaction with his immigration, national security, and economic policies has caused a decline in voter support. Surprisingly, the poll shows that Trump has gained an unusually high level of support from African-American voters, with 22 percent expressing their approval. Furthermore, Biden is also experiencing a decline in support among younger voters, Hispanics, and urban voters.
With percent of registered voters expressing dissatisfaction with the country’s direction, Biden’s challenges become apparent when examining his performance in crucial swing states. The poll reveals Trump’s lead in Georgia (49 to 43), Arizona (49 to 44), Michigan (48 to 43), Pennsylvania (48 to 44), and even an impressive double-digit advantage in Nevada (52 to 51). Although Biden currently maintains a narrow lead in Wisconsin with 47 percent compared to Trump’s 45, his position remains precarious.

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