ANTISEMITIC COFFEE SHOP? Jewish Woman Kicked Out of Cafe After Discovering Antisemitic Graffiti; Report

According to a New York Post report, a Jewish woman was kicked out of coffee shop at Farley’s East in Oakland after discovering antisemitic graffiti in the bathroom and being berated by employees.

Employees reportedly didn’t allow the woman to use the restroom.

From The New York Post:

“I want to go in the restroom,” the woman repeatedly implores the staffers, who tell her it’s private property even while confirming she was a customer who’d eaten there.

A male staffer then smiles as he tells her: “I know Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own, but we gotta have … ”

As the woman again says that she “was a patron here and I have a right to go into the restroom,” the man replies, “And we have a right to refuse service.”

When an employee of a neighboring business steps in to offer the use of her company’s bathroom next door, the woman filming replies firmly: “No, I want to use this one. I should not be excluded and other people allowed.”

One of the female workers blocking her way and trying to boot her then notes that the customer will only see antisemitic graffiti — suggesting she agrees with at least some of the messages.

Watch the video of the exchange below:


Farley’s East issued a statement after the event went viral.

“As context, hate speech graffiti was written in our bathroom. We do not support hate speech; this does not reflect our values,” the coffee shop wrote in what it called “a sincere apology.”

“After a customer used the bathroom and wished to return to document the graffiti, they were initially denied access and then allowed to enter the bathroom to film the graffiti. We apologize for this error and the distress caused to the customer,” the statement continues.

More over at The New York Post:


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