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Liberal Crime Wave: Keanu Reeves Home Invaded by Masked Bad Guys

The crime surge in major liberal cities is undeniably spiraling out of control, reaching a point where even millionaire actors find themselves in the crosshairs.

Recently, Keanu Reeves’ Los Angeles residence fell victim to a break-in orchestrated by intruders donning ski masks. They managed to steal a firearm owned by Reeves before making a swift getaway, eluding law enforcement who arrived after the fact.

From TMZ:

We’re told the actor’s L.A. home was burglarized Wednesday evening … with LAPD responding to an anonymous call about a possible trespasser at his property at around 7 PM. Cops arrived on the scene, and conducted a search, but found no one.

But, we’re told police were back there again around 1 AM when an alarm sounded on the property … and this time officers say multiple men in ski masks were spotted on security cams smashing a window and entering the house.

According to our sources, the culprits took one firearm from the home before making a run for it. It’s unclear if anything else was taken, but Keanu was not home at the time.

Detectives are still looking at videos from the home and around the neighborhood for more clues. We’re told one thing they’re specifically looking into is whether the first call to cops was made by someone scoping the house.

This is actually the third time Keanu’s place has been hit. Back in 2014, burglers pulled off back-to-back break-ins at the same home.

If I were him, I’d be leaving Los Angeles ASAP.

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