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Democrat Dean Phillips Calls Biden Running a “Threat to Democracy”

Joe Biden’s primary challenger Dean Phillips slammed him during a recent appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, calling his campaign a “threat to democracy,” and predicting a Donald Trump victory if Biden doesn’t drop out of the race.

“The president is not a threat to democracy, but running and suppressing other candidates is a threat when you are behind in the polls, like he is,” Phillips said.  “I just want to make it clear he is not a threat. He’s a good man and someone I respect. But this delusion that he can win is a threat to democracy.”

This seems to mark the first time in history that a Democrat applied the “threat to democracy” label to their own side, instead of Trump.

Phillips then shifted to describing Biden as “unelectable,” and cited polls showing Biden trailing Trump in a rematch. The most recent poll out of Morning Consult this week showed Trump polling above Biden in seven swing states, and all were outside the margin of error.

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