Turns Out Congress Secretly Investigated Another Video Filmed Inside Capitol Hill Last Year

Hot on the heels of a recent and highly publicized Senate sex tape scandal, the House is reportedly delving into another explicit sex tape investigation, this time involving footage allegedly filmed inside the U.S. Capitol just last year.

From Radar Online:

According to Semafor, the 2022 sex tape was allegedly connected to a senior staffer working for GOP House Rep. Dan Newhouse at the time.

A spokesperson for the GOP lawmaker confirmed that a senior staffer was investigated for “purported, unbecoming behavior” in June 2022. The investigation reportedly ended one month later with “no conclusive evidence” being found.

The senior staffer connected to the 2022 House sex tape investigation spoke to Semafor this week and denied being involved in last year’s sex video scandal.

The staffer also confirmed that he was informed of the investigation in June 2022 and that the probe was closed in July 2022 with “no evidence to the allegation.”

“As soon as the office was alerted, we immediately contacted the appropriate House entities to conduct an independent investigation,” a spokesperson for GOP House Rep. Newhouse said this week. “The office will not be providing further comment on personnel matters.”


This is undeniably a scandal poised to shake Washington D.C. Perhaps that’s precisely why our government exerted considerable effort to keep it under wraps.

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