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Fox News Offers Rare, Stunning Defense of President Trump

In today’s media landscape, it’s a rarity to witness someone on Fox News  openly supporting Donald Trump.

The current uproar surrounds Trump’s recent remarks regarding the substantial influx of African and Asian immigrants. However, in an unexpected twist, Fox host Brian Kilmeade swiftly came to Trump’s defense. Kilmeade clarified that Trump was primarily addressing the border crisis, rather than making the allegedly racist comments that the media has fervently tried to portray.

From Radar Online:

According to Kilmeade, Trump’s remarks were okay because the former president was “talking about the border.” The Fox News star also justified Trump’s comments because Trump “just wants to keep America, America.”

“He was talking about the border,” Kilmeade said. “He was talking about people coming from other countries, coming from prisons.”
“He’s just trying to say we want to keep America, America,” he continued. “We want to build up the border and find out who’s coming in and out. And they tried to say that this language was the problem.”

Kilmeade then targeted the ex-president’s critics for using Trump’s “poisoning the blood of our country” comments against him and as a reason to support President Joe Biden during next year’s 2024 presidential election.

“And then you look at what Jen Psaki was saying over the weekend,” the Fox & Friends star charged. “She’s saying the goal now is to make people fearful that Trump could win, to see these polls launch, and say he could be back.”

“If you don’t hold your nose and vote for Joe Biden, he’ll be back,” Kilmeade added. “That’s a heck of a strategy!”

While I typically don’t see eye to eye with anything coming from Fox, this time around, I find myself in agreement.

It’s just another instance of the media  employing the same old tactic of divide and conquer. The repetitive nature of this approach makes you question why people continue to fall for this kind of narrative.

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