‘IT’S THE RIGHT MOVE’: Boebert Quits Race for Colorado’s 3rd District, Running for 4th Instead

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert announced on Wednesday that she will quit the race for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district and instead focus her re-election efforts on winning a seat in Colorado’s 4th congressional district; “It’s the right move for me,” Boebert said in a video shared on X.


From The New York Post:

Boebert was narrowly re-elected to a second term in the 3rd District last year, winning her race against Democrat Adam Frisch by just 546 votes.

Frisch has raised more than three times as much funds as Boebert over the last three months.

The 3rd District leans 9 percentage points in favor of Republicans compared to the 27 percentage-point advantage the GOP has in the 4th District, according to the Colorado Sun, which cited an analysis of election results from 2016 to 2020 conducted by Colorado legislative staffers.

Boebert is not required to reside in the 4th District to represent it.

More over at The New York Post:


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