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Here’s Why Trump Looks So Calm and Confident

You’ve got to admit, despite being consistently criticized by the left for close to a decade, Trump still appears as if he could carry the world on his shoulders. What on earth is his secret?

Just look at this video here, you can feel his confidence and assurance coming through the screen:

Well, the folks at 100% Fed Up have a compelling theory on what exactly Trump does to earn his well-deserved nickname “Teflon Don.”

From 100% Fed Up:

I have a theory….

I believe when you know you are in the right — and when you know you have all the evidence — you already know you’ve won.

I believe that’s what we’re witnessing.

I believe we’re watching a man who has already won, but who has endured “The Pause” for the benefit of saving this Country.

I also believe not only does he know he’s in the right, and that he holds all the evidence (the “Trump Card” you could say) but I also believe he is supernaturally being upheld by the Mighty Right Hand of God — for such a time as this!

I believe it’s Proverbs 28:1 in action:  “The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.”

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what we’re watching?

A righteous man, standing BOLD as a LION!


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