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Schumer Makes Surprising Announcement About Relationship With McConnell

Senators unveiled a much awaited $118 billion package on Sunday that combines aid for Israel, Ukraine, and other US allies during wartime with border enforcement policies. This move sparked a long-shot attempt to get the bill past Republicans’ strong opposition, which included House Speaker Mike Johnson, according to the AP.

The plan could be the greatest opportunity for President Joe Biden to replenish wartime assistance to Ukraine, a key foreign policy objective that he shares with Senate Majority Leaders Sens. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. Although there is a lot of resistance from conservatives, it is still uncertain whether the package will pass the Senate, which is scheduled to take a crucial test vote on the legislation this week.

The United States has stopped sending missiles and ammunition to Kyiv, leaving Ukrainian military outgunned as they attempt to repel Russia’s invasion because Congress is refusing to approve $60 billion in assistance for Ukraine. In a statement, Biden said that the Senate measure “allows the United States to continue our essential effort to preserve Ukraine’s independence and bolster its capacity to defend itself against Russia’s aggression, along with friends all across the globe.”

Regarding the border, Biden said that it is time to make changes to the immigration system since it has been flawed for far too long. “It would uphold lawful immigration while keeping our nation’s values—treating people fairly and kindly and strengthening the security of our border,” said Biden.

The new package would also provide roughly $5 billion to allies in the Asia-Pacific region, invest in US defense production, and give $14 billion in military aid to Israel in addition to providing humanitarian help to populations stranded in Gaza and Ukraine. After unveiling the proposal, Schumer claimed he had never collaborated with McConnell so closely on a call with reporters. He referred to the law as a “monumental step” in bolstering both domestic and international national security.

In a statement, McConnell said that the Senate has to be “ready to act.” Attempting to overcome resistance from House Republicans, McConnell had last year insisted on include changes to border policy in the spending bill for national security. Here’s more on those amendments, opposition to the measure from both parties, and a possible House alternative that some senators would rather see.

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