[WATCH] Britney Spears Fans Demand Her Dogs Be Taken Away After Her Latest Bizarre Video

Britney Spears and her peculiar fascination with knives have many people concerned about  the safety of her pets. The pop star has released yet another video in which she performs a strange dance, this time holding a knife in each hand, while her three dogs stood just a few feet behind her, looking at thier owner in horror and confusion.

The sight of Britney wildly flailing knives during this frenzied dance has led many online to demand that her animals be removed from her care.

Check out the video here:

From TMZ: 

Britney fans and critics sounded off about the pooches on social media, writing, “Those poor dogs just ran scared they need to be rescued and she needs HELP.” Another writes, “Someone please save this puppies!!” and, “I’m now concerned about her having dogs let alone any animals after this video.”

We should note, Britney’s original caption with the dancing video read, “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today,” she later added to say they were fake Halloween props. However, it’s pretty clear to tell from the sound, the knives are real.

One fan pointed this out, saying, “The knives made a clanking noises. They’re clearly real. Real enough to fall on and kill one of those poor worried pups.”

Britney may have confirmed her fans fears that the knives were real, posting a video of herself Tuesday where she appeared to have a cut on her leg and bandage on her arm.

We contacted Ventura County Animal Services who told us they hadn’t yet received any complaints about Britney’s conduct. However, the rep added, “We reviewed the video, and while the dogs appeared to be startled by the clinking of the knives, we didn’t feel they were in a situation where an officer needed to be dispatched.”

Seriously, someone needs to ensure the safety of those dogs.

Just one wrong flick of the wrist during that dance, and a knife could have seriously injured or even killed one of those precious dogs.

Britney really needs to seek some serious help.

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