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Former WH Dog Trainer Explains What’s Really Going on With Commander

There have been many questions circulating about Biden and his dog, Commander.

Recent reports and photos show that the Biden family dog has bitten both a Secret Service agent and a White House staff member. As a result, many are searching for answers as to why Joe’s second German Shepherd has resorted to more aggressive tendencies.

According to former White House dog trainer Marshall Mirarchi, he has some serious doubts about whether Commander actually graduated from obedience school.

From TMZ:

According to Marshall, dogs NEVER get past a point of no return — even a recidivist like Commander — when it comes to training. He says they can always be re-trained, although the amount of time it takes a dog to fall in line is a different story.

Regardless, Marshall thinks all signs point to Commander not getting the proper direction, and he tells us what can, and should, be done to get him White House-ready again.

He also addressed how difficult it is for WH staffers living and working with a dog that’s, up to this point, very unpredictable.

As we reported, Commander was booted from the White House this week after reportedly biting a minimum of 11 people — with at least 1 recent victim being sent to the hospital.

BTW, we spoke with Marshall back in July — when Commander had bitten 7 people over 4 months — and he claimed again the dog could be re-trained … but based on Marshall’s lengthy experience, it sounds like someone dropped the ball.

Clearly, someone forgot a key point of training with Commander; you don’t have to be an expert to see that.

Regardless, this dog needs to be in a better environment suited to his nature, and living with a nursing patient who slurps soup through a straw is definitely not the right fit.

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