The View Hopes Taylor Swift Runs for President ‘She’s The Only One Who Can Beat Trump’

There’s been some pretty  outlandish stuff said on “The View,” but this discussion has to take the cake.

During a recent segment on “The Views” podcast, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked for Trump, claimed that she hopes Taylor Swift steps into politics because Griffin believes Swift is the only person who can beat Trump in 2024.

From OK! Magazine: 

“This ends in one way, we are all Taylor Swift fans and to be honest, if Donald Trump looks like he’s gonna win, she’s just gonna need to get in the race and defeat him once and for all, because she’s probably the only person who can!” Griffin, 34, said on the latest episode of “The View: Behind The Table podcast.”

The pop star’s new romance with Travis Kelce has made waves in the last few weeks, and Griffin shared she’s excited for the new duo.

“I had to hold back how excited I was about this topic to not off put other people at the table,” she raved. “I love it! Taylor Swift is like … this is what I like about it: It may be a fling, it may be any sort of thing, but she’s always dated actors or musicians who kind of fit the same bill, so dating a pro athlete is totally different ,and I think because she’s not always had success in love, going for something outside of the box makes sense.”

She continued: “I’m here for it! If it’s a way to incorporate people — who maybe don’t follow sports — into the game, I think that’s good for everyone. Taylor deserves love and I love when she gets her girl entourage together.”

This must be the most unqualified candidate ever proposed to run against Trump, and there  have been some real doozies.

In what world does an overhyped pop singer have the qualifications to run for president?

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