Graphic Video Shows Storm Chasers Stuck in Center of Tornado, Praying to Jesus for Help

Storm chasing is no joke. Those who pursue extreme weather often jeopardize their safety to capture incredible  footage of tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.

However, for two storm chasers in Illinois, the situation became alarmingly real when they were chasing a tornado back in April. In fact, the duo became so shaken by their proximity to the storm that they actually started praying to Jesus for assistance.

Watch the video:

From TMZ: 

The destructive winds touched Lewistown, Illinois back in April, but storm chaser and YouTuber Tanner Charles shared the shocking footage this week.

Tanner and his friends had no choice but to park right in the middle of the tornado’s path after powerline poles came down, blocking the road in front of and behind them.

It’s pretty horrifying, with the group panicking as the EF-3 tornado got closer to their car — begging God to keep them stay alive as the windows in their ride got smashed, with loads of debris ripping over them.

Keep in mind, this tornado reached top speeds of 160 mph, so they definitely were feeling the power while right in its crosshairs. The gang somehow survived the brutal storm, and rightfully were extremely grateful to be alive while looking at the aftermath.

4 people were reported injured as a result of the tornado, which traveled nearly 19 miles … but by some miracle, there were no deaths.

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