There Are Now ‘VOMIT FINES’ At Many Restaurants in ‘Lovely’ San Fransisco

It seems that individuals who enjoy excessive consumption of bottomless mimosas might consider practicing moderation.

Several restaurants in San Francisco have implemented a substantial $50 fine for Sunday brunch patrons who overindulge and subsequently vomit at their chosen establishment.

From BizPacReview: 

Apparently, bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict are thing on the Left Coast and Kitchen Story, which is described by SF Gate as a “cheery Asian-inspired restaurant in Oakland’s Rockridge district known for its millionaire’s bacon, ” has posted a sign warning diners to “drink responsibly and know your limits.”

The sign reads: “Dear all mimosa lovers, Please drink responsibly and know your limits. A $50 cleaning fees will automatically include in your tab when you throw up in our public areas. Thank you so much for understanding.”

Co-owner Chaiporn Kitsadaviseksak told the newspaper that while it has been a problem in the past they haven’t had to charge anyone in a while.

“It was really tough cleaning. People were scared with COVID. And this was happening a lot. My workers don’t want to do that. It got better. Now [customers] know they have to pay. They understand,” he said.

Restaurateur Steven Choi posted the warning in the bathrooms nearly two years ago during the height of the pandemic, after learning that other establishments were doing it.

“This was still during the pandemic and it became a very sensitive issue for customers and staff having to clean up,” Choi told SFGATE. “But this is not unique. It’s there to make the customers stop and think about other people.”

I mean, this isn’t the worst idea, actually.

San Francisco has plenty of other concerns related to bodily waste, especiall y given the large homeless population, but at least they have a strategy to address the issue of affluent individuals consuming excessive alcohol

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