NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Biden’s Ex-Iran Envoy Was Close to Arafat, Pushed to Normalize Hamas Relations; Report

The war between Israel and Hamas has brought the Biden Administration’s suspended Iran envoy Robert Malley back into the spotlight for his history with extreme terrorist organizations.


From Fox News:

Biden said Monday that American citizens were likely taken hostage by Hamas. When Malley was suspended for reportedly mishandling classified information in June, his contacts with Hamas were scarcely addressed.

At the time, Malley confirmed that his clearance was being investigated but said he was confident about a positive outcome.

Previous to government service, Malley spoke with officials from Hamas and also penned a 2006 Time magazine piece, “The U.S.’s policy in the Middle East is flawed. Here’s how to fix it,” in which he wrote, “Today the U.S. does not talk to Iran, Syria, Hamas, the elected Palestinian government or Hezbollah. … The result has been a policy with all the appeal of a moral principle and all the effectiveness of a tired harangue.”

The U.S. government has classified Iran’s regime as the world’s worst international state sponsor of terrorism and designated Hamas and the Lebanese-based Hezbollah movement as terrorist organizations. Iran’s regime aided Hamas, according to Israel’s government, in its slaughter of Israelis and Americans on Saturday.

In a 2009 documentary interview, Malley said it was “a mistake to only think of them in terms of their terrorist violence dimension,” referring to Hamas, Hezbollah and the Sadrist Movement in Iraq, noting that they “are social and political movements, probably the most rooted movements in their respective societies.”

“There’s so much misinformation about them. … I speak to them and my colleagues speak to them [Hamas], and now we may disagree with them, but they have their own rationality … none of them are crazies,” Malley said in the film titled “Cultures of Resistance.” Malley was the program director for the Middle East and North Africa division of the International Crisis Group.

Malley grew up around extreme leaders. His father, Simon Malley, was an adviser to PLO terrorist leader Yasser Arafat —Arafat is also said to be Rob Malley’s godfather.

More over at Fox News:


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