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Dear God, Jada Pinkett Smith Just Can’t Stop Humiliating Will Smith

Just when most of us had almost forgotten about the humiliating scene when  Will Smith and Chris Rock got into that bizarre altercation at the 2022 Oscars, his wife Jada is dredging it up once more.

This woman seems to never miss an opportunity to humiliate her husband, and she’s done it again while discussing the infamous slap heard around the world, adding that she was shocked Will even used the word “wife” as he apparently hasn’t used that word with her for quite a while. She also dropped a major bomb an revealed that they’ve actually been separated since 2016.

Yikes, talk about airing your dirty laundry…

From TMZ: 

The actress, who recently revealed she and Will have been living separate lives for 7 years, recalled the 2022 Oscars moment in an interview with NBC’s Hoda Kotb … saying she was “really shocked” because of how he referred to her during his fit of rage.

Ya can’t forget it, after Chris Rock joked about Jada’s bald head — a result of her struggles with alopecia — Will shouted, “Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth!” before slapping Chris.

Now, Jada’s saying they haven’t called each other “husband and wife” in a long, long time … so hearing those words come out, mixed with the heated moment, caught her completely off guard.

She also explains what went down during a commercial break — claiming Chris came up to her and apologized for his comments, but she was more focused on Will, not knowing what exactly was going on with him.

As we reported, Jada also told Hoda they’ve been separated since 2016. She admitted they’ve been carrying on the married schtick for a while now … even publicly denying any talk of a split as the years went on.

And they obviously kept the charade going at the Oscars, too — but to be fair, “Keep the name of the woman I’ve been separated from out your mouth” doesn’t really roll off the tongue.


These two are incredibly toxic for one another, especially considering the fact that Jada, to this day, continues to publicly humiliate Will.

His actions at the Oscars were bizarre, but I, for one, believe they were his way of acting out in response to the way Jada continuously demoralizes him.

This poor guy has been publicly cheated on for how many years? That would drive any sane person unhinged.

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