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Democrats Claim the Right Has a Secret ‘Red Caesar’ Plan, And They’re Terrified

Democrats are seemingly grasping at straws in their attempts to retain some semblance of power.They’ve employed virtually every dirty tactic in the playbook, and their latest plan appears utterly absurd.

The left is currently asserting that Republicans are pursuing a “Red Caesar” scheme, essentially aiming  to wholeheartedly embrace fascism and install a dictator.

However, there is absolutely no substantiation for this theory. Still, when did that ever deter Democrats?

From Republic Brief: 

With President Joe Biden’s increasing decline in physical and cognitive health and the gross unpopularity of VP Kamala Harris, Democrats are grasping at straws to discourage Republican popularity.

With former President Donald Trump’s massive lead over other Republican candidates, and over current President Joe Biden as well, Dems have pulled out the stops, trying to stop Trump in any way they can. Numerous lawsuits and slander have been used, and now there is a new ridiculous accusation, that Trump is trying to become a dictator.

Not surprisingly, liberal academics at universities are weighing in.

The senior lecturer at Penn State’s Department of Political Science and author of the Notes From the Middleground Substack newsletter told the Guardian, “Thirty years ago if I told you that a bunch of billionaires and intellectuals on the right are waiting in the wings to impose a dictatorship on the United States, you would have said that I was insane,” liberal outlet Salon writes.

“But it’s no longer insane,” Linker writes. “It’s now real. There are those people out there.” And, Linker notes, “The question is: will they get their chance.”

Libs claim that Republicans are “calling to end democracy and replace our president with a ‘Red Caesar’,” blatantly suggesting that Republicans are embracing fascism and want a dictator.

As Trump fights for integrity of elections and protests the errors already found in the 2020 election, liberals try to accuse Republicans of “no longer believing in elections.”

Seriously, who concocts this drivel?

It’s entirely unfounded to imply that all conservatives desire to utterly dismantle all conventions and embrace an entirely different form of government in this country.

But we all recognize that this is merely yet another desperate tactic from the left in their quest for power.

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