Jake Sullivan Defends Claiming Middle East Was “Quiet” Days Before Hamas Terror Attack

Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan actually defended his comments from last month where he was in awe over how “quiet” the Middle East was under Biden’s alleged leadership.

While speaking at the Atlantic Festival on September 29th, Sullivan touted a handful of claimed positive developments in the Middle East – so much so that “The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades,” in his words.

What a difference a week (and a day) made.

Just eight days after bragging about how peaceful they made the conflict-prone region, Israel suffered a terrorist attack from Hamas jihadists that resulted in the single greatest loss of Jewish life in a single day since the Yom Kippur War, and catching the Biden administration completely off guard.


Despite being slapped in the face by tragic reality, Sullivan amazingly doubled down on his comments over the weekend. When asked on NBC’s Meet the Press by Kristen Welker about how he got it just so wrong, Sullivan claimed that while he did boast about the Middle East being quiet, that was always subject to change. “The sentence before what you just played, I said, in fact, that this was for now, and that it could all change. And the two threats that I identified that were the most acute on my mind at the time, were tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, as I mentioned, and the threat from Iran. And so yes, it is true that those two threats remained a real challenge to the long-term stability of the Middle East region, and we’ve just seen this absolutely tragic attack.”

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