VOIGHT FOR ISRAEL: ‘God’s Power and Israeli Army Will End This Destruction’ [WATCH] – The Last News

VOIGHT FOR ISRAEL: ‘God’s Power and Israeli Army Will End This Destruction’ [WATCH]

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight shared a video on Wednesday voicing his support for Israel in the wake of the horrific Hamas attacks that involved the brutal slaughter of innocent civilians.

Israel, I love you,” Voight said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Israel will stand tall for the land of its sacred soil. These sick-minded beings have been evil since birth. They’re trained to destroy. God’s power, along with the Israeli army, will end this destruction and the power of this evil. It will be destroyed once and for all so the Jewish people will be in peace and live in safety.”

“He shall win this war for his people as when Moses was able to lift the Red Sea. He shall rid this vermin once and for all, and for all, we the people shall stand and fight this battle for our loved ones lost and living and we must remember God shall light the candle for all the children of God.”

The “Hamas Holocaust will haunt all, but we shall heal,” he added.

“We shall make sure this will never happen again. In the name of Moses, I declare justice for all. The world is mourning with you Israel, and the USA stands with you and as Moses says let our people go.”

Watch Voight’s video below:

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