WILL JOE GO? White House Discussing Possible Biden Trip to Israel; Report

According to a report from Axios, members of the Biden Administration are discussing the logistics of a possible trip for President Biden to fly to Israel later this week.

U.S. and Israeli sources confirmed the possible trip over the weekend.

From Axios:

Why it matters: A Biden visit would be both a show of support for Israel amid the war with Hamas and a message to

Behind the scenes: The Israeli officials said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Biden to Israel during their phone call on Saturday.

Israeli Channel 12 first reported the invitation.

A U.S. official said a possible visit to the region is being considered, but no decision has been made.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office declined to comment.

White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson told Axios: “We have no new travel to announce.”

Biden’s trip is likely an attempt to prevent escalation in the Middle East. Israeli forces are preparing a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip this week.

More over at Axios:

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