Watch: Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Can’t Believe He’s Healthy, After Drinking TWO GALLONS of Vodka Per Day

The debaucherous actions of the band Mötley Crüe are well-known, especially if you’ve read the book “The Dirt.” In that case, you’re well aware of their decadent behaviors and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

However, drummer Tommy Lee has put his extreme alcohol consumption into perspective by revealing that he drank a staggering TWO GALLONS of vodka per day during his heyday with Mötley Crüe.

Honestly, how is this man still alive?

From TMZ: 

The Mötley Crüe drummer was chit-chatting with Bill Maher on his ‘Club Random’ podcast, and revealed the extent of just how much he used to drink in his heyday. TL says he guzzled up to TWO GALLONS of alcohol daily — hard liquor, in fact.

His drink of choice back … straight vodka, or at least that’s what Tommy suggests here.

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is … and Bill himself couldn’t believe what he was hearing in this interview. He breaks down two gallons in different measurements — noting a gallon alone equals 4 quarts, which Tommy confirmed — and was astonished by the confession.

Tommy says that he now realizes he was on a death mission back in those days — adding, “Your liver is on crutches at that point; it’s just barely functioning.”

What’s even crazier is how Tommy’s organs are holding up these days … not to mention the rest of his body. According to him, doctors have checked him out inside and out — and they’ve given him a thumbs up … telling him he’s as clean as a whistle and in good shape.

What’s just as surprising here is that Tommy’s former drinking problem was ongoing as recently as 2019 … when he says he finally got sober. Again — it’s unbelievable he’s alright.

You also have to remember that not only was Tommy consuming copious amounts of liquor at that time, but he was also partaking in plenty of illegal drugs like cocaine, and God knows what else.

Add in the fact that fellow bassist Nikki Sixx heavily abused heroin for many years and managed to survive a near-death experience, and you have to wonder if this band has a serious guardian angel on their side


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