I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone  can’t stand Jada Pinkett Smith. Even before she aired out all of the dirty laundry between her and Will, Jada has never been well-loved by the public.

The distaste for Jada has become so severe, in fact, that even the ladies on “The View” are siding with and slamming her. Host Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out how demeaning and disrespectful Jada is to Will, saying that it’s one thing to playfully joke about your husband, but what Jada is doing is downright nasty and humiliating.

From OK! Magazine: 

“I actually love celebrity gossip, you guys know it, but this couple… everything I know about them is like, against my will,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said on Tuesday, October 17, installment of the popular chat-fest.

Alyssa noted that while she may “make fun” of her own husband, Justin Griffin, there is still a “line” in their marriage.

“We all share about our personal lives, but I would never say something that humiliates, demeans or shames my husband,” she explained. “What I think has been hard to watch — and I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt — I think she’s probably someone who processes things by talking them out, and she’s chosen to do it in the public eye, unfortunately.”

“But what she’s missing is taking care of her partner and father of her children, who you see the pain on his face in these interviews,” she continued, noting that while she’s a “huge fan” of Will, she still believes that the separated couple still have an “unhealthy dynamic.”

However, Sunny Hostin reminded the panel that Will already admitted to approaching marriage “very differently” from his former partner.

“She had experience[d] in her family open marriages,” Hostin said. “Whereas in his family he saw it as a much more traditional way, but he loved her so much that he was willing to change for her.”

Joy Behar interrupted to add,” But you can love somebody a lot and not allow them to emasculate you. You have to stand up for yourself!”

Fellow panelist Sara Haines also pointed out that Jada wanted to keep her promise of “never getting a divorce,” and yet she doesn’t refer to Will as her husband, they no longer live together and they are romantically involved with other people.

“Their kids are hurting, but they’re going to call it a ‘not broken promise’ when you broke every promise along the way,” she said.

While no marriage is truly perfect, this one is an absolute disaster.

I mean, at this point, you can’t even call  what Will and Jada have a marriage. They’re basically two estranged people who have kids together. That’s pretty much it.

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