Hamas Leader Claims “Same Type of Racism” Used Against George Floyd Is Being Used Against Them

In a resurfaced clip from an interview with now-bankrupt VICE News back in June 2021, Yahya Sinwar, the co-founder and leader of the genocidal terrorist organization Hamas, rattled off the sort of argument you’d expect to see as the premise of a Babylon Bee headline.

Capitalizing on the nationwide leftist racial hysteria in America that drastically escalated in 2020, Sinwar compared the plight of Palestinians and those like him to that of George Floyd.

“I want to take this opportunity to remember the racist murder of George Floyd,” Sinwar said to the VICE reporter. “George Floyd was killed as a result of a racist ideology held by some people. The same type of racism that killed George Floyd is being used by [Israel] against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and in the West Bank.”

Watch below:


Black Lives Matter co-founder and mansion lover Patrisse Cullors had publicly called for an “end” to Israel back in 2015, and it’s a violent sentiment that permeates her organization, not hyperbolic political language. Following the horrific October 7 terrorist attack on Israeli civilians that killed at least 1,400, multiple Black Lives Matter chapters explicitly expressed support for the October 7 terrorist attack.

If the recent rallies we’re seeing in support of the Palestinians were truly in “protest of the [so-called] occupation” as they like to claim, and not in celebration of a terrorist attack, they sure couldn’t have picked worse timing to hit the streets

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