INTERNATIONALSen. Cruz Slams BLM For Its ‘Embrace And Support’ Of Hamas Terrorists

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has slammed Black Lives Matter for its “embrace and support” of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group that controls Gaza, and those who have supported the leftist group in recent years.

After Hamas’ attack on Israel earlier this month, during which the terrorist group deliberately targeted and slaughtered more than 1,400 civilians, Black Lives Matter and its various chapters released statements and made posts in support of Hamas.

For example, in a since-deleted post on X, formerly Twitter, Black Lives Matter Chicago posted an image of a person paragliding with a Palestinian flag attached to its parachute with “I stand with Palestine” written beneath. The post was captioned “That is all that is it!” and was a reference to the Hamas terrorists who descended into Israeli communities on paragliders during the attack, most notably at a pro-peace concert during which they slaughtered concert-goers as they fled.

Cruz made his remarks during an episode of his “Verdict” podcast.

“Our elite universities are venomous pits of anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel. And we’re seeing that arise all across the country,” Cruz said. “Every university president, every college professor, every Fortune 500 corporation that wrote a check to Black Lives Matter, all of them who embrace these radical Marxist revolutionaries they need to be asked, every one of them, do you support this anti-semitic, anti-Israel hatred?”

“Black Lives Matter supports Hamas. Black Lives Matter is Hamas. And I want you to understand this, and we’re going to lay out the facts and details on this carefully,” he said. “They want the destruction of Israel, their co-founder said her objective is to end the imperialist project that is Israel, and they openly embrace and support the Hamas terrorists.”

Cruz pointed out that Black Lives Matter activists have admitted to being Marxists and that they have a history of making anti-Semitic remarks about Israel, including claims that Israel is “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.”

“I want you to hear those words. ‘End the imperialist project that is called Israel’,” Cruz said in highlighting remarks from Black Lives Matter. “That’s Black Lives Matter. That’s what Black Lives Matter calls for. And mind you, not help the Palestinian people, not have a two-state solution. End Israel.”

Cruz then listed various companies and top executives that donated to Black Lives Matter, adding: “These morons are literally funding organizations that are calling for boycotts of their companies

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