TUNNELS OF TERROR: Flashback to Hannity Exploring Hamas-Dug Tunnels to Israel [WATCH]

Back in 2014, Fox News host Sean Hannity explored the tunnels used by Hamas to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel. At the time, Hannity called the tunnels “extensive and sophisticated.”

Hannity also commented on how sturdy the system seemed.

“This is cement that is incredibly valuable price-wise,” the IDF spokesperson said “And it’s going towards terror tunnels, rather than anything else.” When she projected that the tunnel cost $3 million to build, Hannity asked, “What happened to feeding the Palestinian people?”

“And this will go for another full mile into either a mosque or a hospital or a school?” Hannity asked.

“Exactly,” the Israeli spokesperson replied. “Into any kind of civilian location.”

Watch the clip above.

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