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Watch: Britney is Now Holding Butcher Knives to Her Throat on Camera

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It’s gotten so bad that now Britney is on camera, holding butcher knives to her throat in her latest dance video.

From TMZ: 

The Grammy-winning pop star recorded a video of herself twirling around with two butcher knives — one gripped in each hand.

In the footage posted on Instagram Tuesday, Britney moves close to the camera at one point and simulates slitting her throat as she smiles.

Despite the disturbing images, Britney says everything is just fine, writing in the caption, “Come over don’t worry I have such a warm inviting loving home with these FAKE knives !!!”

The IG clip is reminiscent of footage she posted several weeks ago that prompted concerned cops to conduct a welfare check at Britney’s L.A mansion.

When the officers arrived at the gate, security guards assured them Britney was OK, but she didn’t want to talk to them, so they left.

Days later, Britney took to social media to demand an apology from police for abuse of power.

In the earlier dance videos, Britney clanked together what seemed to be real knives, but she claimed they were fake. She also had a slash wound on her leg and a bandage around her arm.

As you know, Britney has been promoting her new book, “The Woman In Me,” which goes on sale next week, and it’s already stirred some controversy.


At this point, Britney needs much more than a welfare check from the police; she  needs serious support and love.

This poor woman has clearly suffered so much mistreatment and abuse. I pray that someone can come in and save her from herself at this point.

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