New Records Show Obama Was on Scene When Chef Died

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the death of Obama’s chef, Tafari Campbell, and  this latest development will certainly have people buzzing.

According to new records released by the Massachusetts State Police, Obama was actually “on the scene” when Campbell drowned on his Martha’s Vineyard property.

It’s also worth noting that these records were obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch through FOIA requests. Without their due diligence, we probably would have never known this little fact.

From Slay News: 

Judicial Watch announced receiving 40 pages of records from the State Police.

According to the nonprofit, the records, which are heavily redacted, indicate the presence of Barack Obama for a witness interview.

Police reportedly spoke with the ex-POTUS in the death investigation of the Obamas’ personal chef Tafari Campbell.

The records indicate Barack Obama arrived at the emergency response scene via motorcade.

A short time later, a cold, wet woman, who was a witness, arrived.

The next morning, the eyewitness was interviewed in the Obama residence, again with Barack Obama present.

The records also detail the existence of a Secret Service video of Campbell and his paddleboarding companion entering the water, and the Secret Service emergency response in the immediate aftermath of the drowning.


This is definitely an interesting tidbit  that, for some reason, was never revealed to the public.

You really have to wonder why it was kept essentially a secret that Obama was on the scene when Campbell mysteriously drowned.

This really just adds to the intrigue in this case.

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