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Of Course: Sheila Jackson Lee Addresses Audio of Her Going Ballistic on Staffer by Blaming Republicans

After audio was released showing Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee losing it on a staffer, she’s finally addressed the controversy – to blame Republicans.


Last Saturday, the independent publication Current Revolt released audio of Jackson Lee having a meltdown on one of her staffers, apparently over a piece of paper she was looking for, whom she demanded “have a f***ing brain.”

“That’s what I want. That’s the kind of staff that I want to have. So some stupid other motherf—— did it. And, and I don’t have the information” bemoaned the Shakespearean orator to the staffer who made the questionable life choice of working for her. “Nobody sent me the information. I need to, uh, ensure my, um, schedule and, uh, you know, if, if Boo Boo did it, S— A– did it, F— face did it.”

“And nobody knows a g–damn thing in my office. Okay?” she continued.

And that wasn’t even the half of it.

Since the audio started making headlines, Jackson Lee apologized – but mostly blamed “extreme Republicans” for the situation.

As the Washington Examiner’s Rachel Schilker reported:

Without apologizing to the staffer directly, Lee said in a statement via the Texas Tribune that she believes “everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect” and that she knows she is not perfect.

The identities of the staffer – and also “Boo Boo,” and “F— face” – remained undisclosed.

“I recognize that in my zeal to do everything possible to deliver for my constituents I have in the past fallen short of my own standards and there is no excuse for that,” Jackson Lee said.

In her statement, Jackson Lee touted her office’s record of producing successful staffers and praised her staff members for the work they achieve together — but said she “expects excellence at all times.”

Jackson Lee then added that she hopes she isn’t judged by her own actions in cases where those actions can be highlighted by her political opponents:

“To anyone who has listened to this recording with concern, I am regretful and hope you will judge me not by something trotted out by a political opponent, that worked to exploit this, and backed by extreme Republican supporters on the very day that polls open, but from what


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