Jean-Pierre Refuses to Answer If Biden Thinks Anti-Israel Protesters Are Extreme

While a couple hundred people with tiki torches in Charlottesville in early 2017 was elevated by the mainstream media to the level of a national story of supposed historic significance regarding American race relations, tens of thousands of leftists and islamists calling for violence against Jews in the streets and at college campuses nationwide has been met with crickets.

In fact, Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn’t even describe them as extremists, which is understandable considering doing so would alienate a major faction of the left. Biden’s approval is already down 11-points among Democrats in the past month amid the Hamas-Israel war.

When asked by Peter Doocy if Biden thinks the anti-Israel protesters in this country are extremists, Jean-Pierre replied “What I can say is — what we’ve been very clear about this when it comes to antisemitism, there is no place. We have to make sure that we speak against it very loud and be very clear about that,” not answering the question. She then added that Biden decided to run for president in 2017 as the result of the Charlottesville protest.

“He saw neo-Nazis marching down the streets of Charlottesville with vile, anti-Semitic, just hatred. And he was very clear then, and he’s very clear now. He’s taken actions against this over the past two years. And he’s continued to be clear: There is no place, no place for this type of vile — and this kind of rhetoric,” Jean-Pierre added, while still refusing to describe the nearly-identical behavior now coming from the left as “extreme.”


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