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House Oversight Committee Reveals Evidence Joe Biden Received $40k in “Laundered China Money” From Family

James Comer is making explosive new claims in his probe of the Biden crime family, this time releasing evidence that Joe Biden received $40k in “laundered China money” in 2017.

“Remember when Joe Biden told the American people that his son didn’t make any money in China?” Comer began in a video posted to X/Twitter. “Well not only did he lie about his son, Hunter, making any money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal cheque, and the Oversight Committee has it.”

Comer further explained  “Here’s how Joe Biden benefited from his family’s shady deal with CEFC, a Chinese Communist Party linked company. It all began with a shakedown in the summer of 2017, when Hunter Biden sent a message to his CEFC associate demanding a $10 million capital payment. As Hunter Biden extorted this associate, Hunter claimed he was sitting with his father and that the Biden network would turn on his associate if he didn’t pony up the money. The extortion scheme worked. Days later, $5,000,000 flowed in from a Chinese affiliate of CEFC. Over the following three weeks, Biden family members made a series of complicated financial transactions to hide the source of the China money.”




Comer then went on to explain how Northern International Capital, a different Chinese company affiliated with CEFC, wired $5 million to a joint venture started by Hunter Biden and a CEFC associate called Hudson West III. Hudson West III then sent $400k to an entity owned by Hunter Biden, and Hunter wired $150k to a company owned by Joe Biden’s brother James and sister-in-law Sara Biden. A few days later, Sara Biden cut Joe a $40k check with the memo line reading “loan repayment.” “Loan repayment” was also the memo line for when James Biden sent Joe a $200k check.

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