Why is Biden denying Secret Service protection to RFK Jr.?

As the headlines of the day tragically remind us, we live in an increasingly unstable and dangerous world. Troubled or hate-filled minds commit acts of violence internationally and here at home.

For some troubled minds, even an individual’s name can trigger dark thoughts. One such name: Kennedy.

While no one should need reminding, it bears repeating that the Kennedy political family has paid an appalling and heartbreaking price for their service to our nation. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated at 46 years of age in November of 1963, and his younger brother Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was killed at 42 years of age in June of 1968.

55 years after his father was assassinated in Los Angeles, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now running as an independent candidate for president while being forced to deal on his own with multiple threats from troubled minds. Just last week, an intruder was arrested twice after trying to break into the LA home of Kennedy and his wife Cheryl Hines, both of whom were inside at the time.

With regard to that break-in attempt — where the intruder was arrested, booked, released and then went right back to the Kennedy home to try and break in again — The Hill headlined its story “Cheryl Hines slams Biden for not providing RFK Jr. security detail.”

Why is Hines — who deeply respects President Biden — so upset at him and his administration? Because the Kennedy campaign has reached out several times to the administration formally asking for Secret Service protection, only to be repeatedly denied.

Once again, it must be stressed that the Kennedy name is a lightning rod for some who have troubled minds or may be seeking fame by carrying out a despicable deed. As proof of that, look back at the career of Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and catalog all the death threats directed at him simply because he was a “Kennedy.”

Hines knows that and knows that President Biden and his administration know it. Hence her frustration and even anger.

Just two months ago, a heavily armed man impersonating a U.S. marshal was spotted and arrested at one of RFK Jr.’s campaign events in Los Angeles before he could get near the candidate.

Does the Biden administration require a certain number of break-ins or thwarted assassination attempts before granting Secret Service protection? Should Kennedy be expecting a call from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas saying, “Just evade three more attempts on your life and you reach the magic number for protection”?

With the continuing security threats and the Biden administration’s refusal to grant protection, Hines pleaded, in part, “They know what’s happening and they know what has been happening. I can’t believe that they’re not responding.”

Not surprisingly, she and others are openly wondering if there are political reasons for Biden and Mayorkas to refuse such protection. Such as: Biden was angry that Kennedy declared himself as a Democratic challenger for the nomination in April and as of October 9 is running as an independent candidate who, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, is already getting an impressive 22 percent compared to Biden’s 39 and Trump’s 36. Among independents, Kennedy actually leads both Biden and Trump.

By any honest definition, those numbers show RFK, Jr. to be a “major” candidate. And yet, no Secret Service protection.

With the threats and his wife’s concerns in mind, RFK Jr. posted on X last week: “I don’t spend time worrying about my personal safety. I do worry about the safety of my family and their sense of wellbeing—and about the safety of bystanders if there is a more serious incident. I’m most troubled by the weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies to serve political agendas.”

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