Pro-Palestine Protester Tries to Heckle John Fetterman – Who Can’t Understand a Single Thing They’re Saying

Aheckler decided to interrupt the one member of U.S. Congress who isn’t able to even understand what they’re shouting.

While Fetterman’s politics are clearly in the direction of the far-left faction within the Democratic Party, he has gone counter narrative on Israel, fully backing the right of Israel to retaliate, and has displayed posters on the wall outside his Senate office of every person being held hostage in Gaza.

While rallying for Sara Innamorato, the Democrat nominee for Allegheny County Executive, a heckler began shouting “4,000 plus dead children in Palestine! 9,000 plus dead civilians! Get off the stage! Get off the stage!” before turning to someone shouting back at him and saying “I don’t care….”

After, Fetterman fired back “The joke is on you. I had a stroke, I can’t fully understand what you’re saying.” – which admittedly would be a funny quip if he wasn’t serving in the U.S. Senate.

Fetterman’s own comments are in stark contrast to his doctor’s while he was on the campaign trail, who assessed that he “spoke intelligently without cognitive deficits.”

Watch below:




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