It’s After 11 PM and You Won’t Believe the Line of Electric Cars Waiting to Get Charged in This Cali City

The Biden Administration has poured so much effort into foisting this “green nightmare” onto us, and ironically, they’re moving backward, not forward. Major automakers are scrapping plans to launch fleets of electric vehicles because Americans aren’t keen on shelling out $60K for a car, only to spend hours in line for a charge.

Think I’m over exagerating? Just take a look at what happened in Burbank AFTER 11 PM—the line to charge up stretched for 10 miles.

From Western Journal: 

The Biden administration’s pipedream of an electric vehicle-dominated future is crumbling amid mounting reports of recharging nightmares.

These horrors have been well documented in recent years, with countless anecdotes of drivers spending hours trying to find a charging station — only to wait for ages to fully charge their vehicle.

On Friday, a TikTok user posted an alarming video of a crowded charging station in Burbank, California, with a long line of EVs waiting to recharge.

“So, you wanna charge your car, huh? Well, don’t come here. You’ll be here until 3 o’clock in the morning,” Mike Kendall said in the video.

In the video, multiple rows of cars sat in a parking lot as they recharged.

Meanwhile, a long line of EVs waited in a long line for a charging station to open up.


Can you picture California after they ban all gas-operated cars? It’s likely to resemble a “Mad Max” movie scene. Once more, the left shows indifference to the consequences for the average person—it’s all about padding the pockets of their elite “green” buddies. It’s downright shameful




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