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[VIDEO] Wyonna Judd Unable to Stand on Her Own During Scary CMA Performance

Wynonna Judd gave her fans quite a scare during her bizarre and scary-looking CMA performance with performer “Jelly Roll.”

From what it looked like, Wunonna was unable to stand on her own, and was clinging to Mr. Jelly Roll like her life depended on it.

From TMZ:

Wynonna Judd clung to Jelly Roll during their performance Wednesday night at the Country Music Awards — and now her fans are worried something is wrong with her.
The country music legend hit the stage with JR to sing a duet of Jelly’s tune, “Need A Favor,” at the 2023 CMA Awards in Nashville.

At one point, Wynonna walked over to Jelly and grabbed his arm, giving off the impression she needed help to stay on her feet. It’s unclear if Wynonna was experiencing some type of health issue, but she was able to polish off the song and leave the stage on her own.

Still, her fans took to social media and voiced their concerns after watching her seemingly unsteady performance. Remember, Wynonna lost her iconic mother, Naomi, to suicide in 2022, so she’s had a rough time lately.


Wynonna saw all the talk about her performance, and blamed it on nerves.


She’s a very well-seasoned performer, that didn’t look like “nerves.” We’re sorry to see this. Wynonna recently lost her mom to suicide, so she’s likely struggling in many ways. Sometimes, even though we love what we do, it’s better to bow out gracefully, when we know we can’t perform safely.

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