Eerie RUST Video Comes Back to Haunt Alec Baldwin at Worst Time Ever

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ trouble is far from over; in fact, it’s escalating. He’s now facing manslaughter charges. While this isn’t as severe as second-degree murder, it’s still significant, especially since he was probably hoping for no charges at all after the death of a young wife and mother. As Alec confronts this new challenge, a previously unseen video has surfaced, taken just a day before the fatal incident. The clip shows Baldwin discussing potential safety concerns with the gun.


From OK! Magazine:

Recently released videos of Alec Baldwin firing a prop gun days before the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins will send shivers down your spine.

The eerie footage obtained by NBC News showed the award-winning actor voicing concerns about the safety of crew members while filming a scene for Rust.

Baldwin was acting in character during the scenes, firing at least one prop gun and pausing to move around crew members in an attempt to prevent a horrific accident from occurring.

In one of the videos, the It’s Complicated star can be seen lying on the ground while holding onto a prop gun when he stopped mid-take to tell someone to move to the “other side of the camera,” stating, “I don’t want to shoot toward you.”

In a second recording, he asked for a blanket to be placed near him off-camera, which he used as a landing pad to toss his gun on during the scene.
A third video showcased Baldwin fully in character, as he repeatedly fired a prop gun until it ran out of dummy rounds.

“One more, one more, one more,” he said to the crew, seemingly trying to quickly move forward with filming. “Right away, right away, let’s reload. We should have had two guns and both of them reloading.”

During the fourth and fifth videos, the Beetlejuice actor paused filming solely to check on the safety of crew members, informing them to use a less dangerous part of a steep trail they were stationed on.


Regardless of the specifics, the key point is that Alec was the producer of that movie. It was his film, his set, and under his watch, a devastating tragedy occurred where a mother lost her life. He should be held accountable for that.

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