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Cali Jogger Filmed Himself Murdering a Homeless Man Because He “Blocked” The Street

Our society seems to have strayed alarmingly far from its moral compass, to the point where it’s barely recognizable. We’ve become a community driven by anger and a thirst for immediate retaliation, fixated on the fleeting ‘rewards’ of online recognition, regardless of whether the attention is positive or negative. This pursuit can lead to profound darkness, as evident in a recent incident I’m about to share. In California, a jogger, during his run, encountered a homeless man blocking the street. Instead of helping or avoiding, he decided to record the encounter, resulting in a horrifying act of violence

From The Guardian: 

A California jogger allegedly filmed himself killing a homeless man who was blocking the sidewalk, according to prosecutors announcing charges against him.

Craig Sumner Elliott, 68, was jogging with his two dogs and pushing a cart on 28 September when he came across Antonio Garcia Avalos, 40, who was sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk, prosecutors in Orange county, California, said.

Elliott allegedly tried to wake Avalos by nudging him with the pushcart, whereupon Avalos started yelling at Elliott to leave him alone.

Elliott, who allegedly filmed their encounter, then brought a handgun out of his cart, prosecutors charged, adding that when Avalos stood and threw a shoe at Elliott, he ducked and responded by shooting Avalos three times.

Avalos subsequently died from his injuries. Elliott, who does have an active concealed carry permit issued by the local sheriff’s office, was arrested on 17 November in the incident.

He faces charges of voluntary manslaughter, and a felony personal firearm use enhancement, for the fatal shooting, prosecutors announced on Monday.

Talk about a rapid escalation. That situation went from zero to sixty in just a blink. It almost makes you think there’s more to this story that hasn’t come to light yet.

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