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[VIDEO] FREAK OUT on Southwest Flight When Passenger Jumps Out of Emergency Exit

I don’t know about you, but there’s always been this deep-seated fear of mine whenever I’m on a plane – that  a window or door might suddenly pop open. There’s just something about sitting in that little air-controlled tube that brings comfort, and the thought of any unruly wind from just outside the steel cage is downright terrifying.

So, speaking from my perspective, I would have absolutely lost it on this Southwest Flight where a man decided to rip open the emergency hatch while the plane was getting ready for takeoff. The reason behind this man’s attempt to escape remains unclear, but he was swiftly arrested for his reckless actions.

From Newsweek:

A video posted on social media shows panic break out on a Southwest Airlines flight on Sunday after a passenger escaped from the plane’s emergency door.

The passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight was arrested in New Orleans after escaping the plane through the emergency hatch and running away on the tarmac at Louis Armstrong Airport.

“A Passenger has been arrested after escaping through emergency hatch on Southwest Airlines flight WN3172 operated by a Boeing 737 MAX 8 at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport earlier today,” @fl360aero wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“Man opened the over-wing emergency exit door aboard the Southwest Airlines flight, jumped down off the plane and ran across the tarmac in an attempt to drive away in a service truck before being apprehended. Some sources say, he threw something on the aircraft,” another post on X said.

As the video begins, passengers can be seen in a panic as they are ordered to exit the plane. Many people can be heard discussing the incident with some confusion as to what exactly happened. While a lot of the passengers are seen walking off of the plane, others are heard being told to “just walk” and travel toward “the gate area.”

Other voices can be heard saying that an individual jumped off of the plane, while another said the person “put something down,” before jumping.

“I’ve never been so scared,” a passenger is heard saying in the video.

I’m right with these people. I would’ve been absolutely terrified if I had experienced something like this while flying.

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