Jill Biden’s Christmas Decor Is As Fake As Joe’s Presidency

The Bidens can’t do anything right for Americans, including decorate the White House for Christmas.

Jill Biden’s first mistake was ridding the State Dining Room mantle of any personalized stockings for her grandchildren so she wouldn’t have to include Hunter Biden’s love child Navy Joan Roberts. A close second was the First Lady’s decision to turn the White House Christmas display — one of the largest in recent history — from a classy and elegant event into a cheap and kitschy attempt to buy back Americans’ love and votes.

Covering the stately White House rooms and walls for the next month is gaudy decor that commemorates all of the commercialized aspects of the holiday season instead of classy and sacred religious Christmas traditions.

Jill dubbed this year’s holiday decor theme “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” and deemed it a chance to reflect on “how children experience this festive season.”

“We look forward to welcoming thousands of visitors to the White House — ‘The People’s House’ — during the holidays. May the memories made this holiday season remind us all of the blessing that is our Nation,” Jill wrote in an announcement on X.

Frankly, the People’s House and the guests expected to tour the festive grounds over the next month deserve better than the Bidens’ desperate attempt to appear relatable, homey, and middle-class. In reality, they’re a bunch of elitists willing to sell out the country for foreign cash and gifts like diamonds and sports cars from their multimillion-dollar houses, including their beach mansion.

The decked halls begin in the East Wing where baubles that are meant to resemble “holiday candy and sweet treats of the season” — but actually look like giant Covid models — hang. Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge but big blue balls that look like they are honoring the spike proteins that made Joe Biden president don’t seem to scream season’s greetings.

As if the lockdown-esque ornaments weren’t scary enough, anyone who tours the famous residence will come face to face with life-size statues of the Bidens’ cat, Willow, and dog, Commander, who was kicked out of the White House earlier this year for biting 11 too many Secret Service agents. The pets are adorned with licorice which is ironically toxic to animals.

What some rooms made up for in indulgence, color, and flamboyance, other areas of the White House lacked.

Jill’s tribute to Christmas music featured a simplistic “mechanical theater creation” better suited for the Island of Misfit Toys than the gilded and elegant Vermeil Room.

The Blue Room is often heralded for housing the magnificent official White House Christmas Tree. This year, the oval reception area highlighted a rather unremarkably decorated fir circled by trendy bottlebrush mini trees and a toy train.

The large red and purple ornaments tied to the 18.5-foot tree’s branches strongly contrasted the stylish and sometimes handmade ornaments that embellished trees of presidencies past.

Notably missing in the released photos of the Catholic family’s chaotic holiday decor was any homage to the reason for the season: Jesus Christ’s birth.

For more than 50 years, presidents have included a nativity scene among the lights and trees lining the White House halls and lawn. The official White House Christmas announcement says a nativity “with over 40 figurines, most dating back to the 18th century” is tucked in the East Room.

But none of Jill’s social media pages nor the fawning corporate media coverage of her design choices featured photos of a display resembling the stable and manger. Not even the red and green White House contemporary advent calendar nodded to the Christian faith.

Instead, FLOTUS opted to make Santa Claus and his reindeer-led sleigh the center of attention by hanging them in the Grand Foyer.

White House Christmas decorations are supposed to be a nonpartisan showing of good cheer and class. That went out the window when corporate media like The Washington Post taunted Melania Trump’s choices honoring America’s heritage and beauty as “bewildering” and “cold.”

Some commenters, while amplifying and praising Jill’s attempt at capturing the FAO Schwartz aesthetic, once again dragged the former first lady’s choices in the process.

“Melania Trump And Jill Biden’s White House Christmas Decorations Couldn’t Be More Different, Like It’s Actually Funny,” one Buzzfeed article, which was picked up by Yahoo!noted.

The author is technically right. While Melania’s design choices were elegant, historical, and unique, Jill’s seem run-of-the-mill. What you see warming the White House hearths is no different from what you would find gracing the front of your local department store or the theater lobby ahead of The Nutcracker.

The White House’s Christmas displays are supposed to be something worth touring. For me — and apparently for plenty of other critics on social media — Jill’s haphazard holiday happenings miss the mark and remind Americans of the chaos her husband’s presidency has wreaked on our nation.


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