Alarmists in corporate media, at the bidding of the Biden White House, are leading a “coordinated” effort to paint a potential 2024 victory by former President Donald Trump as the certain beginning of a cruel and unyielding dictatorship.

The panicky talking points touted by The AtlanticCNNThe New York Times, and more corrupt press warn that Trump’s calls for accountability could result in him doing to the deep state and media hacks exactly what they have done to him. The attempt to gaslight Americans into believing that Trump seeks a “retribution presidency” is nothing other than projection, considering Democrats’ ongoing partisan prosecution of their No. 1 political enemy.

Now, those same media outlets are expanding their hyperventilating accusations to individuals expected to be tapped for the 2024 Trump administration, such as former Trump official Kashyap “Kash” Patel.

A NYT hit piece on Tuesday, which was quickly copied by CNN, ABCNBC, the Associated PressThe GuardianSalonCNBC, and the Daily Beast, accused Patel of preparing to “target journalists for prosecution if the former president regains the White House.” It is one of several articles penned by NYT’s crack team of Russia collusion hoaxers Charlie Savage and Maggie Haberman, who were joined by Jonathan Swan, with the intent of assassinating Trump’s 2024 chances.

The NYT writers’ first deception about Patel’s “War Room” conversation with Steve Bannon occurred when they separated Patel’s promise to hold accountable members of the corrupt deep state — and the corporate media outlets that conspire with them — from its context and his pledge to follow the law.

“We will go out and find the conspirators, not just in government but in the media. Yes, we’re going to come after the people in the media who lied about American citizens, who helped Joe Biden rig presidential elections — we’re going to come after you. Whether it’s criminally or civilly, we’ll figure that out,” the quote placed front-and-center by the NYT states. “We’re actually going to use the Constitution to prosecute them for crimes they said we have always been guilty of but never have.”

There’s nothing wrong with pledging accountability for the dishonest media that garners less and less trust from the majority of Americans every year.


Patel’s full answer, which the Times went out of its way to downplay, clarifies his commitment to “follow the facts and the law,” not partisan whims, in any investigations and prosecutions by a future Trump administration.

“The one thing we will do that they never will do is we will follow the facts and the law and go to courts of law and correct these justices and lawyers who have been prosecuting these cases based on politics,” Patel said.

The Times writers apparently felt the need to downplay Patel’s emphasis on keeping with the rule of law and the Constitution because it would undermine their quest to paint Trump’s campaign promise to take on the nation’s two-tiered system of justice as purely political revenge.

The article’s authors noted Trump faces “91 felony charges in four separate cases,” proof that the Biden regime and its “get Trump” allies like New York Attorney General Letitia James are doing exactly what Democrats and media warn Trump will do.

That didn’t stop the publication from falsely claiming that Patel’s and Trump’s pledges are “signaling that a second Trump term would build on the ways it opened investigations into his enemies during his first term.”

The Times does not list any of those partisan investigations into Trump’s “enemies” it alleges. Patel told The Federalist that’s because there were none.

“When it comes to people like former deputy director [of the FBI] Andy McCabe, he was caught lying to federal investigators, illegally leaking sensitive investigative FBI material to the media for political gain, and got fired because of that,” Patel said in an interview with The Federalist on Thursday. “That wasn’t an act of vengeance. He also authorized the false Russiagate FISA warrants. Same with James Comey. Two of those warrants had been rescinded by the DOJ and said they should never have been issued.”

Patel said “these weren’t acts of revenge,” as the NYT suggested, but rather “these were acts of oversight by Congress.”

“If you want to talk about acts of revenge, it was the folks like Wray and Rosenstein, who unlawfully surveilled senior congressional staffers like myself for acts of revenge, because we were exposing Russiagate,” Patel said, referring to reports that the Department of Justice spied on senior staff members on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence like himself during then-Rep. Devin Nunes’ investigation into the Russia hoax.

The Times also accused Trump and crew of “abandon[ing] the post-Watergate norm of Justice Department independence.”

The publication makes no mention of how those norms were completely obliterated when the Obama administration worked to keep Trump from winning the White House. As the Horowitz and Durham reports both found, the FBI and DOJ — aided by media outlets like the NYT — abused their power to spy on Trump and investigate him for collusion with a foreign enemy without any evidence.

“They are the ones who are targeting their enemies. Merrick Garland is, Mayorkas is, Chris Wray is, Biden is. They are using the FBI and DOJ to weaponize it against Trump and his surrogates and they’re saying we’re gonna come in and do that? It’s the height of hypocrisy to me,” Patel said.

“What they’re really good at, is they accuse us of doing the very things they’re guilty of,” he added.

The NYT article isn’t the first time the media singled out Patel for daring to take on the deep state.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius used anonymous sources to speculate in 2021 that Patel was trying to overthrow the government by uncovering the Russian collusion hoax and demanding accountability for the people who laundered it.

Patel, who served as the senior director of the National Security Council’s counterterrorism directorate, even sued several outlets and reporters, including the NYT, for smearing him as a criminal who acted as a “Ukraine Back Channel” for the Trump White House.

As Democrats’ attempt to convict Trump and keep him off of the ballot backfires, they’ve turned to their media mouthpieces to carry the anti-Trump torch. Accusing Trump and his potential picks of ushering in a “dictatorship” when all they’ve sought for years is accountability, Patel said, only proves their double standard.

“We’ve been saying the DOJ and FBI need [to] be fixed. We’ve been saying prosecutors and judges shouldn’t weaponize justice. We’ve been saying you shouldn’t leak information for media to rig political elections and curry favor with the American electorate. We’ve been saying it the whole time and we’ve been saying anyone that breaks the law in doing those things … should be prosecuted, whether it’s government officials, civilians, and the media,” Patel said. “Our position has never changed. We’ve been saying to use and restore the Constitution, to follow and enforce the rule of law, not to violate it. That’s what they do.”