McCarthy Repeats Leftist Talking Points at Oxford Debate to Criticize GOP

Now that he’s heading for the exit, ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy revealed the disdain he has for his own base, attacking the GOP while praising Democrats on the issue of diversity.

McCarthy was speaking at a debate at Oxford University on the resolved statement “This House Believes US Interventionism Has Done More Harm Than Good,” in which McCarthy took the side opposing the motion. The debate began with the opposing side roasting McCarthy with comments like “this house has more confidence in him than the last one” and “this is the last time he will be speaker of the house for a while” – though McCarthy’s side did narrowly win the debate in a 175-160 vote.

At one point in his speech, McCarthy decided to pander to people who hate him, and scorned those he represents, stating “When you look at the Democrats, they actually look like America. When I look at my party, we look like the most restrictive country club in America.” No shortage of leftist publications celebrated his comment.

Ironically, the “coastal elite” types that tend to be part of country clubs don’t exactly lean Republican (at least not anymore), though McCarthy seems to just be using “country club” as a euphemism for “white people.” There is of course nothing wrong with diversity itself – but when a leftist is calling for it, it’s often “diversity for the sake of diversity,” or used to push a political agenda.

When McCarthy’s speakership initially fell into question, he confidently declared that “If someone wants to bring a motion against me, bring it.” Evidently, McCarthy isn’t happy they actually did “bring it.”

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