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Ramaswamy Spars With CNN’s Abby Phillips Over January 6

CNN’s Abby Phillip desperately tried to prevent actual news from being reported on her network last night during a town hall event with Vivek Ramaswamy.

In a notable exchange, Ramaswamy and Phillip debated the role of federal informants on January 6, which Phillip claimed, ironically without evidence, that there was no evidence of.

As Ramaswamy made his case, Phillip constantly cut him off, especially when the audience began to cheer his arguments. “I know this is uncomfortable for you,” Ramaswamy replied at one point, adding  “I know this is an uncomfortable issue for many people, but we need to tell the truth.”

At another point, the audience burst out laughing when Phillip cut off Ramaswamy to tell him she didn’t want him to “mislead the audience.”

I’d say Ramaswamy schooled her – but as one commenter on the video of the exchange pointed out, that’d  be incorrect because she knew what she was doing the entire time.

Watch below:


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