HANNITY MONOLOGUE: There’s Fear and Loathing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave [WATCH]

During Thursday night’s Hannity, host Sean Hannity reacted to a recent Politico report that President Biden is privately very saddened and angry over son Hunter’s legal woes. The POTUS is also reportedly upset with Attorney General Merrick Garland for allowing the investigation to get so far.

“A new Politico report now claiming that Biden is now anxious, and frustrated, and mad about his son’s legal woes —even lashing out at White House aids, blasting even his own AG Merrick Garland for allowing his son to be charged with a crime,” Hannity says at the start of his monologue.

In the wake of the House’s move to formalize an impeachment inquiry into Biden, the president is accusing Republicans of attacking him with lies.

Watch Hannity rundown the list of things stacked up against Joe above.

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