Melania is NOT a “Damsel In Distress” She is 100% Behind Her Husband

Many underestimate Melania Trump, viewing her as merely a privileged  woman residing in an ivory tower. However, it’s crucial to remember that Melania is a formidable figure in her own right, far from a “damsel in distress.” She stands as a strong supporter alongside her husband, proving herself to be just as much of a fighter.

Even those critical of her, including her former  assistant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, acknowledge Melania’s unwavering commitment to standing by her husband. Winston Wolkoff goes so far as to dub Melania as his “partner in crime.”

From OK! Magazine:

When asked by CNN host Abby Phillip if the 53-year-old would make more appearances with her husband as the 2024 presidential campaign draws closer, Winston Wolkoff replied, “I do feel strongly that Melania Trump isn’t going anywhere. I believe that Melania will stay by Donald’s side. Throughout all of this, she is his partner in crime.”

Winston Wolkoff insisted that Melania, who shares son Barron with the former president, 77, is not a damsel in distress.

“Unfortunately, people keep giving her this out, this reason to believe that Melania should be freed from Donald, but Melania is complicit,” she told Phillip. “Melania is, you know, side by side with the showmanship and she is exactly like Donald, just, unfortunately, in a skirt and high heels, and showing up today was just another way for her to have some camera time.”

Of course, you’ve gotta take what Winston Wolkoff is saying with a big grain of salt, but regardless, she offers insight to those who think that Melania is just some helpless captive.

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