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Charlie Sheen Strangled in His Own Home

In the midst of some intense neighborhood chaos over in Charlie Sheen’s territory, things took a dark turn recently.

Apparently, his 47-year-old female neighbor decided to make a rather unconventional visit to his place, sneaking in and attempting to physically assault the actor by strangling him. Los Angeles police had to step in and respond to the tumultuous situation at Sheen’s residence.

From TMZ:

We’re told she ripped Charlie’s shirt and attempted to strangle him … and then went back to her own house.

Our sources say paramedics came to the scene … but Charlie was not transported to the hospital.

We’re told Charlie doesn’t understand what prompted the incident but this apparently isn’t his first issue with her … he told deputies he believes the same woman squirted some type of sticky liquid on his car recently.

A source close to Charlie adds to TMZ that he spoke to the woman after the car incident … and their conversation was something to the effect of letting bygones be bygones.

They also tell us the woman dumped trash in front of Charlie’s door a day before the attack. Charlie is the one who called 911.

The woman was eventually arrested at her home … and booked for assault with a deadly weapon and burglary for allegedly forcing her way into the home and attacking him.

Good grief, if I was Charlie, I’d be moving ASAP. Or getting a restraining order.

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