Gorgeous Influencer Murdered in Front of Her Daughter in a Shopping Center

A shocking scene unfolded at a shopping mall in Honolulu, Hawaii when a gorgeous influencer was shot dead by her estranged husband in front of their young daughter.

Theresa Cachuela and her daughter were on their way to get breakfast when her husband Jason Cachuela approached the pair and fatally shot Theresa. Afterwards, Jason presumably turned the gun on himself, committing suicide.

From TMZ:

Local PD says Theresa, who had about 20,000 followers on Instagram, was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the morbid ordeal, Jason was also found dead at a residence, and cops are investigating what they believe to be a murder-suicide.

In the weeks before Theresa’s fatal shooting, she reportedly filed and was granted a temporary restraining order against Jason … after he allegedly threatened to kill himself with a knife while their daughter was present.

According to the reports, Jason and Theresa agreed on a 1-year protection order … and as part of the agreement, Jason had to surrender his weapons.

Following Theresa’s death, her family set up a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses … and Theresa’s mother wrote in the post, “My daughter did not deserve this. She was trying so hard to get help, but the Justice system failed her.”

This is absolutely heartbreaking, and you can’t help but feel terrible for the couple’s young daughter. She not only witnessed her own mother’s gruesome death but has also lost her father.

Unaddressed mental health issues and a flawed justice system have combined, leaving this poor family in absolute shambles.

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